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5 UX Principles for Creating a Great Website

Use Infographics When You Can

Statistics and text can make an impact when used strategically, but at the end of the day, most users are visual learners that prefer images to text and numbers. Good visual and infographics are effective in displaying important information to your visitors that are more digestible.

People don’t want to put in too much effort into understanding a site and what it has to offer. Hence, including infographics in your website design and laying out information in a visual format can go a long way in improving their experience on your site.

Any web design company should be able to help you with creating an infographic for your website, so feel free to approach one if you need help!

Simplicity Is Clarity

You’ve probably heard this, “I wish things were simpler.” They may not be describing a website’s design, but it definitely applies.

When it comes to websites, most people prefer simplicity to spending extensive time figuring a website out. If they find your website a pain to use, they’re not going to be staying on it for long.

In your preparations for a Singapore web design, you should aim to satisfy that desire for simplicity. Your website will have a better UX for it and people will have a much easier and enjoyable time as well.

Not Too Much Outside Of The Box
Creativity is great in moderation, but it can become a double-edged sword when it comes to website design. On one hand, you want your web design to have a unique flair to it but on the other, creativity can confuse your audience.

Trends and principles in website design exist for a reason, which is why most website designers adhere to them. They’re there to ensure that your users can easily navigate through your site – as most visitors are frequent online users, keeping to certain trends ensure they don’t feel lost or helpless while on your site.

Applying creativity within the boundaries of web design principles is more than enough to help your brand stand out in a good way.

Take It A Step Further

Great website design hinges on an ability to to make the experience positive for the user. If that’s not what a website offers in terms of its design, the overall user experience is one that’ll be disappointing and potentially very frustrating for the user.