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Everybody acknowledges the importance of Web Design as a marketing and branding necessity. However, many don’t stop to think: “what is a website REALLY”? What is the reasoning behind it, and what makes a great website?

To us, Web Design is something that should transfer your values, your personality, and your solutions to your clients. Without all of these in unison, you’re missing a critical aspect of a great website design.
The first step in our planning process is how the website should “feel” and be used.

Have you ever fully trusted someone who says one thing, and then does another?
Brand Congruence, or consistency, is the idea that each company asset should be in line with the same mission statement, and theme.
If you are missing congruence, you can imagine the effect on users will be that they hear one thing,  and see another, causing a subconscious loss of trust.

A Web Design can’t just look good, it has to be a powerful communication tool between you and your clients as well.
We take a hard look at how users would navigate the website, aiming to reduce as much friction between them and their desired result.

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We have cultivated the inspiration of business owners, and professionals around the world for the past 6+ years, and we’ve helped over 200 clients grow their Windsor businesses, online and offline.
With our team of web design experts, we can do the same thing for you. Just send us a quick message, or give us a call to open a dialogue. Our goal is to find the perfect solution for you and your business.

As one of the most popular CMS programs, WordPress provides a wide variety of functionality and customization.
Our Windsor WordPress Specialists can take your website to the next level by re-designing your WordPress website, or creating one from the ground up.

Shopify is the most widely recognized eCommerce platform, and it provides many unique solutions to eCommerce businesses.
Our Windsor Shopify Specialists can leverage Shopify’s capabilities to create a beautiful website design, and a friction-less buying experience for your business.

Magento is another popular eCommerce website platform that offers many options to present products, and their options, to potential customers.
Our Windsor Magento Specialists can edit, re-design, or create a website using Magento.

Drupal is a back-end framework for around 2.3% of websites on the internet. This CMS is mainly used for blogs, however it can be customized for other uses.
Our Windsor Drupal Specialists can help you or your business build out a Drupal website design.

Wix is a cloud-based web development platform. It uses drag-and-drop tools to help users build website designs in HTML5.
We have created many Wix designs in the past, and our Windsor Wix Specialists can help you build out your Wix website.

Whether you’re selling a single product or hundreds, we can help you build out a fully functional eCommerce website.
Our website designs always include analyticscall to actionsthematic congruence, and smooth sales funnels.
An eCommerce website should represent your brand, and the brands you work with, well.
Our experienced team of Windsor eCommerce specialists can help you build a thriving eCom website in no time.

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